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Listing people

Use this procedure to list all the individuals you've ever consulted.

GET in the endpoint:

This endpoint brings the complete list of all people already searched, sorted by the Report’s last update.

Input Parameters

For this request, the Authorization key must be sent to the header with its user token:
  "Authorization": "{token}"

This endpoint also supports paging, with the `page` and `rows` parameters. The default values are 1 and 25, respectively.

You can use some parameters to filter specific people:

- nome: `person's name`
- cpf: `Person's CPF`

For example, to filter only one Person's CPF 000111222-34:

You can also sort using the sort parameter. For example, to sort people by name perform the following:

You can also use - before the parameter name to sort in descending order. An example of paging, sorting and filtering:

### Sample successful output
    "status_code": "200",
    "result": {
        "busca": "",
        "paginacao": {
            "atual": 1,
            "linhas": 25,
            "total": 2
        "itens": [
                "cpf": "00011122233",
                "nome": "João Silveira",
                "atualizado_em": "2017-03-03T03:40:04.264Z"
                "cpf": "11144455599",
                "nome": "Maria dos Santos",
                "atualizado_em": "2016-11-28T23:26:40.599Z"

### Sample error output
  "error": "Unauthorized",
  "message": "Falha na autenticação. Por favor verifique o token utilizado e se o acesso foi liberado.",
  "status_code": 401


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